Rewards Program

Danjor Rewards for Individuals

Danjor Rewards Card is essentially a membership card, which guarantees all of our clients life-time membership to the Danjor family. This card will allow us to reward all of our loyal clients.

With every rental clients will see their benefits with our different levels of membership.

The Program has three different levels, which are Danjor Gold, Danjor Silver, and Danjor Platinum. Join Danjor Rewards Program and save money each time you rent from us.

Do You hate being Trapped in a Car rental office for half an hour filling out paper work? The Danjor Rewards card will offer the following benefits:

1) The Danjor rewards card Speeds up the paper work when you land in Jamaica. We can meet you at your point of arrival with all the paper work already completed and your car ready to go

2) You experience immediate benefits in terms of discount on Rentals

Membership type Rental frequency Discount received
Silver Member 1-5 Rentals 5%
Gold Member 6-10 Rentals 10%
Platinum Member 11 and more rentals 15%
  • Less than two minutes from Donald Sangster International Airport
  • Close to all the great major hotels in Montego Bay
  • Free Pickup in Montego Bay
  • Free Drop-off in Montego Bay